The appearance of prostate explicit layer antigen (PSMA) positron discharge tomography (PET) imaging has altered radiation treatment of prostate malignant growth. Current radiation treatment plans for prostate disease have been built up by randomized preliminaries utilizing factual hazard figurings, nomograms and ordinary imaging for patient portrayal and treatment. PSMA-PET bears the guarantee of conveying separately custom-made radiation treatment for prostate malignancy. It would already be able to be viewed as ‘work on changing’ for radiation treatment of prostate malignant growth, particularly concerning identification and treatment of lymph hub metastases, nearby repeats after earlier treatments and oligometastases. Anyway any randomized or long haul clinical information after PSMA guided radiation treatment for prostate disease is normally absent. In addition, radio-ligand treatment (RLT) is another treatment choice for metastatic maiming safe prostate disease patients.

The point of this topical arrangement distributed in Radiation Oncology is to gather and present the present information and constraints of PSMA-PET based radiation treatment.